Whether you need a few specialist in new technologies, or an entire development organization
dedicated to your company, ConceptArea has your solution.

Team Augmentation

Add experienced professionals to augment your existing development team. Our hand-picked specialists can add deep technical knowledge in the technologies you require, plus project management and technical oversight as we work alongside you to build products more quickly and efficiently. We work to you schedule and can use your development and project management tools to integrate quickly and make your team and your project successful.

ConceptArea’s teams help industry-leading international organizations deliver success on complex projects serving large numbers of demanding users.

Dedicated team

Add a complete, self-sufficient development team wholly dedicated to your project or your company, letting you increase or decrease resources quickly while minimizing cost and management burden. We will deliver and manage a team of experienced specialists with all skills necessary to plan, design, develop and support your products. Dedicated teams come with project management, product architecture expertise and deep technical knowledge to quarantee smooth development and maintenance, and uninterrupted support. You may configure a team to include product research and planning, UX/UI design and other skills - or our teams can work with your internal experts. Let us support you and IT-specialists with value-added technology services, so you can focus on software deliverability. We are able to offer multiple options for reducing overhead.


Everything to let you Design, Build and Maintain high-quality software


Mobile applications

We build beautiful, high-performing apps for all major mobile platforms and form factors, from high-security professional use cases to fun consumer. Let us help you keep pace with rapid release cycles and current design standards. We integrate leading services for social networking, payments, storage, authentication, advertising, tracking, analytics and more.



Our specialists help your team to develop high-quality custom software. We offer expertise in key technologies, systems development, business and operations to assist you from needs assessment through to implementation and maintenance. Please select from our 'whole stack' offering, or let us assess your project to propose an effective engagement.


Maintenance and support

Ensure safe and responsive application maintenance, and continuous updating of application components and rapid error detection and correction. Our team combines proactive monitoring with rapid response. Please ask to speak with some of our satisfled customers about how we keep them running smoothly!


Web applications

Design and build custom web apps for any operational scale. We use leading industry-standart tools to make your products flexible, maintainable and portable to your chosen hosting platforms. We work with HTML, React, Redux, Less and es6/es7 and customer specified tools.


Business Analysis and
Product Definition

ConceptArea’s combination of technical expertise and deep experience with industry verticals gives you practical and creative guidance consistent with current best practices. ConceptArea can train your internal resources to build your organization quickly, or consult on an ongoing and cost-effective basis. From minimum viable product, to full-featured solution, we will get you going.

Big Data

Big Data

We can help you store, process and interpret data at the scale your business needs. Let our big data solutions help you to make faster, more informed decisions. We have deep experience with Hadoop, Spark, Scala and Python, and tools such as Thrift, Pig, Hbase and HDFS.


Product Testing

ConceptArea’s testing team offers you both human testing resources, and development of automated test applications for rapid product iterations and product feedback. Use us for your core testing program, or in a backstop role, to help ensure perfect launches.

About Us

ConceptArea was founded in 2008 by a team of developers and group managers who led Ukraine’s first wave of international contract developers serving primarily European and North American clients. Its products are now used in over 140 countries around the world.

Based in the western Ukrainian city of L’viv, ConceptArea has built everything from secure back ends for large banks to mobile consumer apps, with 70% of clients hiring ConceptArea for 3 or more engagements.

94% of ConceptArea’s professionals hold BS or Master’s degrees in Computer Sciences, with most trained by Ukraine’s excellent technical universities. We are proud to be able to deliver great skills and substantial professional experience to our clients.


Cyber Vision

"I enjoy working with ConceptArea. The team understood our needs quickly and delivered as promised. They showed deep technical skills and a desire to make our project successful. The team were also patient, helpful, and brought a sense of humor that made the project more enjoyable. I was really impressed with their team spirit and maturity. I recommend ConceptArea without hesitation as an exceptionally reliable and professional company. They are a pleasure to work with."


"Working with a company like ConceptArea allow us to be sure that our products are in good hands. They implemented exactly what we wanted and service met our business needs. Their team showed good communicative skills, responsibility and great experience in the product development. Our first product was successful and done very quickly. They worked efficiently on all tasks given to them. They have done great work. I’m confident in their work and the service they provide. I’m looking forward to continuing work with your company!"


"ConceptArea was easy to deal with. The team put immense effort and creativity into their work. They demonstrated high professionalism and accuracy in performing tasks. They have managed to deliver a fast service that met my every demand. ConceptArea is a parthner you were probably looking for. We’re pleased with the service and with the project we have received from ConceptArea. They exceeded expectations with great service. I would definitely recommend them to others because they guarantee you a great success."


"Thanks ConceptArea for your efforts to make our project successful. Well done! We are absolutely delighted with your results. You were able to meet all our requirements and did it in the high level. I am very glad and happy to work with such a team which has a lot of patience and excellent customer service. I recommend them to others who want to be a success!"


"I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the contributors on this project: The ConceptArea Developers in Ukraine: Vladimir Shyshko and Mykola Varahash. You guys worked late many evenings at my request to maximize time zone overlap with US-ET timezone. I truly appreciate your professionalism and dedication in coming through for us."


"I want to say thanks and the app looks great! I am impressed everytime you all show what you have been working on. Thanks for your efforts and patience!"

Contact Us

Ukraine main office

Adress: 5/20 Danyla Halytskogo St.,
Drogobych, 82100, Ukraine
Phone: +380666010877

US office

Adress: 2443 Fillmore Street, Suite 193,
San Francisco, CA 94115